inChat-Text and Chat App.

Text & Chat from one App with inChat

Alternative Messaging For iPhone and Android.

inChat adds, Typing and Status notifications, Group Chat, Read receipts, Emoji and more. Send SMS/MMS, chat, pictures, voice clips, location, music, videos and share contacts worldwide. No registration, use your real phone number!


Upgrade and Experience a new kind of Text messaging!

inChat figures out which way messages should be sent or received based on your phones connection. That means if you don't have 3G or WiFi you still get SMS messages through your carrier. Never miss a message again!

You can text anyone in your phone book, just like regular texting!

inChat all your friends and family, anywhere in the world.

  • RELIABLE SMS/MMS: inChat replaces your phones SMS/MMS app.
  • GROUP CHAT: More friends, more groups and more messaging with group chat.
  • READ RECEIPTS: Know when messages are sent, received and read.
  • STATUS & TYPING INDICATOR: See when your friends are typing, last seen or inChat.

NO Advertising! ADS are OUT! Get in and live AD free for life

Keep your information! We don't need it! Quit tattooing your personal info all over the web!

  • MULTIMEDIA: Send text, photos, voice clips, location, songs, videos and contacts.
  • KEEP YOUR INFORMATION: We don't store it. Quit tattooing your personal information to apps.
  • SAY NO TO INTERNATIONAL FEES: inChat to inChat friends around the globe with no extra charges.
  • EMOJI: With inChat you can send and receive Emoji's.

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