• Confirm your phone number

    Tip: Use your phone's real number with inChat. As an alternative we've made Google Voice numbers compatible with inChat. When you install inChat for the first time, you’ll be asked to confirm your number. Type in the phone number you will be using with inChat, and then click Confirm. Confirmation will happen automatically via a one-time SMS. The SMS you receive will contain a 6-Digit code that will auto populate the code field. If the code fails to auto populate use the pull down menu to see the code and return to the confirmation screen to enter the code. If you change phone numbers or wish to use another number you can reconfirm from the settings menu. Please keep in mind that carrier charges may apply for SMS received during confirmation.

  • Download inChat for Android

    inChat is available for Android versions 2.3 and higher, search inChat on the Google Play Store.

  • Send text messages (SMS & MMS) with inChat on Android

    inChat automatically determines which way messages are sent and received based on your current cellular and data connection. So when you're connected to WiFi or 3G, messages sent between inChat users are automatically sent over inChat. If a data connection isn't available or you're texting someone without inChat, messages are automatically sent over your cellular carriers network. Mobile messaging rates apply for SMS/MMS texts To send an (SMS or MMS) while inside a message thread, touch the settings key. Once the menu is showing just touch the > Send SMS/MMS button to send the message by SMS/MMS When you're sending a message to a recipient who doesn't have the inChat App installed an (SMS & MMS) will be sent automatically through inChat. Carrier message rate will apply To send inChat messages, an active data connection is required

  • Sending a message to multiple (Many) recipients

    To send a message to multiple recipients navigate to the main conversation screen and touch the settings key to display options. Touch the (Send to many) button and enter each contact followed by the green check mark to add the contact to the message.

  • Create a Group message

    Tip: Only inChat users can participate in Group messaging To create a group navigate to the main conversation screen and touch the settings key to display options. Touch the (Create group) button and enter each inChat user followed by the green check mark to add users to the group. At the bottom of the Group create screen you will see the Group Name, enter the name of your group and touch the green check mark and your group will be created. Each of the inChat users you added will be added to the group you created.

  • +Add or -Remove Group message participants

    Tip: Only inChat users can be participate in Group messaging To +add or -remove group participants, navigate to the main conversation screen and touch and hold the group name to display admin options. Select the (edit) option to +add or -remove group participants.

  • Selecting Cell provider

    Select your current mobile cellular provider. This will allow you to properly send or receive (SMS or MMS) with inChat. If your provider is not shown you can manually enter your cellular provider settings by selecting (Other provider) and entering your settings. You may need to contact your cellular provider for more information for specific cellular provider settings.

  • Why can't I hear audio clips?

    inChat audio clips are played through a special audio format and require your system sounds to be turned up in order to hear them. If you cannot hear audio notes just check your system sound level is set appropriately.

  • Settings Menu for Android

    Cellular Network

    Default sending method: This menu allows you to specify how you will use inChat.  Select (WiFi, 3G 4G) to use all inChat features.

    Warn me prior SMS Send: If selected, you will be warned prior to inChat sending an (SMS or MMS)

    My Number: This is the number you registered with inChat

    Your inChat name: This name will be displayed if an inChat user does not have you in their phonebook.  The contact book is used as a priority with inChat followed by the inChat username

    Cell provider: This is the Cellular provider settings used to send (SMS or MMS)

    Other provider: You can manually enter (SMS or MMS) Cell provider settings by checking this option


    Text Tone: This is the tone heard when inChat receives a message

    Vibrate: Vibration options

    Play tone after sent: Select this option to hear a notification after each inChat sent message

    Play tone after received: Select this option to hear a notification after receiving an inChat message

    Show app on msg receipt:  If selected, inChat will display the incoming message on your screen when recieved if you are in another application

    Look and feel

    Accessibility: Specify the size of the font displayed on inChat.  This option is great to adjust screens on smaller or larger (Tablet) devices

    One touch voice note: If selected audio clips will be sent automatically after recording

    Autoplay voice notes: If selected audio clips will play automatically if received within a message thread you are in

    Messages per chat: This option allows you to specify how many messages to display in each thread.  By default 20 is set, a maximum of 50 messages can be seen on screen.

    Send by touching enter:  If selected, a message will be sent by touching the enter button on the keyboard.

    Image quality settings

    Image compression: This setting adjust the image quality when sending a message.  For maximum and best image quality set compression to 100

    Image width in pixels: This setting allows you to set the pixel quality of your image.  It is set to 640px by default


    Enable stock messaging: By default your stock messaging or regular android messaging application will be disabled by default

    Run on startup: By default inChat will run each time your phone turns on.  If you prefer to manually turn on inChat you can deselect this option.  (Warning) If you choose not to run inChat at startup, (SMS or MMS) might fail to be received.

    Receive SMS:  By default inChat will receive (SMS or MMS).  If deselected inChat will only receive messages from inChat users.  (Warning) if you choose not to allow inChat to receive (SMS or MMS) and the stock messaging option is disabled you will not receive (SMS or MMS) message and they cannot be retrieved.


    Update: This option checks for updates available on the Google Play store

    Validate: This option allows you to validate your phone number with the inChat App

    License: Review the inChat Terms & License